visual voicemail, Tmobile App on S7 & S7 Edge


    Good Afternoon,


    I have four lines on my account with two S7 and two S7 edge, Now "New phones".

    Prior to these S7, I had iphones and S6 phones, now "old phones".


    The T-mobile Visual Voicemail app does not work on all of S7 & S7 edges.



    When I receive a voicemail, phone notifies me of having a voicemail, this is actual phone notification to dial voicemail number.

    Within about 1 seconds, T-moible's Visual Voicemail app retrieves that message, but shows no notification.  In addition, it marks my new voicemails as read.  I have uninstalled update app, reinstall, reset app, but issue continues.  It happens to all four lines that have s7 and s7 edge.  I have tested multiple times, but the app continues to do that. 



    Is anyone else having similar issue or had this issue?

    Where you able to fix it?  How? 

    I don't want to goto google voice if I don't have to.  I have google voice setup as my home line.

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