signal next to non existent in Ravensdale (sport Complex) Park, WA


    Anyone else having problems at this location or surrounding area? Big black hole for service despite being a very popular Sports Complex, but signal leaves less to be desired from T-Moblie. The other major networks are there, but not Magenta. About 15-20 acre complex not including surrounding areas. Started with Voicestream way back because they were the only reliable provider in what was considered a rural area, way more than this park. Now have been spending some time at the Ravensdale Park for a few years and no improvement in the network signal. Cannot call, text or access the internet. Other T-Mob users have the same issue, very, very spotty and have found just one spot; where if lucky I'd be getting one bar wether on a Galaxy S7 or Iphone7. The coverage map shows fair signal, but I would strongly disagree. Come- on T-Mobile let's get this fixed....

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