How many ways can we get news & information about T-Mobile ?


    Personally I get a lot of breaking news about T-Mobile in one place.

    Elsewhere in the Comunity Forum I recently explained how I learned about the T-Mobile "Extra Line Free Promo" days before it launched. I thought I would also share one of my best sources for breaking news about T-Mobile here in the lounge. It is my T-Mo daily news feed. I use the Flipboard App as my daily news feed. One of the topics (magazines)  I follow is T-Mobile. A person does not even need to use the app. The link T-Mobile on Flipboard can be used for direct access to the T-Mobile news, and promo info on Flipboard.


    Can others please share ways they use to keep up with

    the fast pace of T-Mobile's Breaking News & Promos?


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