Receiving calls on and off on secondary phone

    I've been on the Digits beta program for a couple of weeks now. I have one number on two phones.


    I've notice that my secondary phone is not always receiving calls all. I first realized it when I received a voice mail without a missed call logged while I had only my secondary phone with me. When I reviewed my primary phone, I saw that the call was logged as missed. On the secondary phone, there was no missed call logged. Instead I just had the voicemail logged.


    I did tests today placing both my primary and secondary phone on my desk. I noticed the primary phone would always seem to ring first and within a second the secondary phone would follow. However there were occasions through out my day that the secondary phone did not receive a call while the primary phone did. I also did test calls to my number my from Skype as well. I let the phone ring and go to voicemail. On the first call, the secondary phone did not receive the call. On the second test call, the secondary phone did get the call. Follow up tests would work and not work several times. So the issue seems random.


    Anyone else notice this? I figure this is normal since the features are in beta.

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