Who can I talk to about a hook-up code?


    A few weeks ago, I went into a T-Mobile store with my wife. I've been an existing T-Mobile customer for a few years, but she was with AT&T  We had a "hookup" code, for 20% off of the life of her account. I asked the salesman what we needed to do so that my wife would get that discount, and he told me that she needed to be on T-Mobile One and she needed to port her existing number from AT&T. The sales rep recommended that we add her to my line. He insisted that the promotion would still work. So we did. And then we're told that because my wife didn't create a new account, but instead added to my existing account, she is not eligible for the promotion. It's very frustrating because we did exactly what the sales rep told us to do, and did not get the promotion applied to the account like he said we would. I've spoken to his manager who was unable or unwilling to help. Who can I talk to about this?  Customer service has not been helpful either.

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        Re: Who can I talk to about a hook-up code?

        We really want as many folks as possible to take advantage of this great offer. The only thing I can think of is to have you Contact Us and have a Care specialist take a look at your account to see if there are any automated memos that may have populated when you activated your line. If there are and you're line is eligible, our Care team can have this escalated and looked at further. I can't make any promises, but it's worth care taking a look at this.