Remote connection SMS and calls from Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


    When in remote connection with Samsung S7 Edge, SMS messages sent, or replied to, from the watch will show up on the receiver's phone as the watches' phone number, not the S7s phone number.  Gear S2 did not do this.  This should only happen in Stand-alone mode.  Please help.

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      • tmo_mike_c

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        Just checking in to see if this is still going on. If so, do you have a SIM and phone number for the watch, or are you just using the phone number for your S7? Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting them?

          • brewer013

            I have reset the watch several times and disconnected and reconnected several times.  The S7 and the watch have separate sim cards therefore separate "phone" numbers.  I can use the watch to call and text while in standby mode without the phone.  When I do this, the watch uses it's own sim card and number.  When connected to the phone via Bluetooth, calls and texts from the watch will use the phone's number.  When Bluetooth is disconnected, the watch goes into "remote connection" mode and still receives texts and calls that are sent to the phone but when I respond from the watch, the person that receives the response will see the watches "phone" number instead of the S7 number.


            When I had the Gear S2, this did not happen.  When in remote connection, anyone I texted or called from the watch thought I was calling or texting from my phone.  It was a seamless connection.   Now I confuse people that I am communicating with because they do not recognize the phone number (the watches number) that is responding to their texts.

          • tmo_amanda

            Hey, brewer013


            I just wanted to see if the issue with your watch phone number showing up is still happening. Keep us posted!