Phone names in text messages.


    Weird question that took me awhile to even narrow down to being a DIGITS issue... I have a galaxy S7 edge and am using digits so that I have 2 numbers on the one device.  That being said, whenever I have multi-line enabled on my phone and I receive a text from someone else that's using the Default Samsung messaging app; their phone name shows up at the end of all of their messages to me.  They aren't using digits, but they are all in my family and on my family network.  I don't want this extra text blurb at the end of messages... is there a way to turn it off?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Phone names in text messages.

        That is a super strange one! Are they texting your primary number or your virtual number? Is it only happening when someone is sending you a text from another Samsung device?

          • navychief807

            Re: Phone names in text messages.

            So far, they are only texting me on my primary number, and yes; it's only when the message is from another Samsung device. (and only from the native messages app.  My wife uses a 3rd party app and hers don't have the phone name in them on my phone)


            I thought it was strange as well, and the nice lady on the care line thinks it might have to do with the fact that even though I'm the only one using DIGITS in the family; all of my other family members (under my same account) are DIGITS eligible, so my phone is assuming they have multiple devices with the same number.  Thinking the phone name in the message is an indicator of which device they're messaging me from in that case.

          • tmo_marissa

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