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    I got a new iphone today and the new one is showing a different number than my old one when I'm supposed to keep the number. I'm still only receiving testx from my old iphone also. I've looked this up to see what is wrong and nothing has worked. Does anyone know what to do?

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      • stevetjr

        Re: new iphone wrong number

        On T-Mobile's network the phone number is tied to the SIM card not the phone.  As for the text messaging that is a function of iMessage and you would need to change your iMessage account to your new iPhone and disable/remove your old phone from your iTunes account.

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        • barcodeable

          Re: new iphone wrong number

          You have an old iphone..... you decided to get a new iphone.....  if you bought the iphone at the T-Mobile store or the Apple store you could have easily taken the simcard out of the old iphone and insert it into the new iphone... like magic it should work flawlessly.


          But im guessing you bought your new iphone online yourself and after clicking the button that says upgrade device.... you chose to add a new line instead of just upgrading your previous line. Its difficult to give you a quick fix when you have not explained in detail what has happened. Explain what the purpose was to get a new phone, did you want a new line? did you only want a new phone to replace your previous phone? if that was the case, there is an option to just purchase a phone without buying a simcard.


          HOw many phone lines did you previously have? versus how many phone lines are displayedon your account now? Was this new phone  purchased for the new free phone line Promotion ????

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          • tmo_chris

            Re: new iphone wrong number

            Hey b.lexi,


            Barcodable and Stevetjr have some great tips there and I just wanted to check in with you to see how things are going.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: new iphone wrong number

              Hey, just checking in to see if this was taken care of. Did you still need help? Please reply back and let us know. Thanks!

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                When getting a new phone line (perhaps a SIM) you get a temporary number that lasts until a port-in is complete.  Until that time you might only get texts maybe calls, maybe both or neither.  At that point, your number takes over from the temp number.