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    I ordered an LG V20 on sale Feb 22.  Received notice of signed EIP and told to check order status online.  Checked online Feb 23 and order number could not be found. Called customer service and they said I had to sign EIP.  Informed custoomer service I had signed it and received confirmation.  Customer service said They could reinstate if I added a line, switched to One plan with auto-pay and paid an additional $50. I realized I was dealing with inexperienced customer service and ended conversation.  Called back to get a different rep and this one stated there was no sale and wanted to sell me the phone at full price.  Stated I wanted sale price not retail.  Cust servicee connected me to sales who stated they could not help as it was an online order.  Called customer service back and they stated I had to take my confirmation into store and show them.. Went to customer store and mgr said he did not understand what happened to order but called sales and asked me to talk to them and he would confirm the order paperwork.  Sales again said they could not help. Spoke to a sales rep who said phone was out of stock and probably the reason my ordr was cancelled.  Later got mobile phone message stating I did not need extra line only needed to show store my paperwork.  This was a crazy experience I think I will not ever repeat.  Better to buy phone on Ebay or Amazon - they don't cancel orders.  Is it TMO policy to cancel orders if out of stock?

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        My goodness! You have been through the ringer on this one donmid. It sounds like the ball was definitely dropped here and I want to make sure we get this straightened out for you. To answer your question, we will never cancel an order simply because it is out of stock.


        With this being a user forum, we are not going to be able to see your account or order history so we can't see what happened. I would recommend that you reach out to out to our social media team T-Force using the links in my signature for Facebook or Twitter that way they can take a holistic look at your account to see what happened and what the next steps are.