Can a data plan (tablet or hotspot device) be used for thethering?


    Hello, I want to know If I can use my data sim in a hotspot enabled T-Mobile smartphone?



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      • barcodeable

        hello.... i can only speak from having the Simple Choice Plan... im unsure how things work with the T-Mobile One Plan.

        I have a T-Mobile SmartPhone, I have a T-Mobile enabled Tablet, and I also have two (2) enabled wifi Hotspot devices with 2GB and 6GB of data. If i wanted to remove the sim card from the Hotspots and insert it into a tmobile enabled tablet it will work fine (because it's just data) I have done it... But may not work if i placed a simcard with a data plan dedicated for Tablets/Hotspots into a phone. I actually never tried putting it in a phone, but it shouldn't work. 


        As long as you have the right sim size or sim adapter to change that nano simcard into a regular size sim etc., or vice versa and place it into a tablet or hotspot you should be fine.its the same as taking a simcard out of one T-Mobile phone and inserting it into another T-Mobile sponsored phone, it will work with no problems. I have taken a sim out of one phone and put it into another, and it worked fine. 


        NOw the tethering part of your question.... regarding a hotspot, im not sure if it's technically considered tethering. im sorry i don't know all the technical jargon as it relates to hotspots... but after i insert my simcard into my ZTE Hotspot i can connect 10 devices to it wirelessly. It's different than tethering in my view, because T-Mobile will prioritize your tablet or your hospot device during congested areas over subscribers using their smartphone as a mobile hotspot..... T-Mobile stated on it's website they will do this... so its nice to have that tablet and hotspot if you live or will be traveling in congested areas, and I have used my tablet as a hotspot as well.


        let me give some examples: my ipad had 2GB of data... i can use the entire 2GB of data as a hotspot for my other devices at 4G and/or 4GLTE speed. That High Speed unfortunately max out at 2GB and get slowed to 2G speeds after that.... but it is unlimited internet!!!! so after i hit my 2GB high speed limit... i can still use it.... mainly to listen to napster, pandor, check emails.... basic stuff.... I cant watch a movie unless i let it download into memeory first.... which would take a long time at 2G


        my 6GB has binge on..... so if its in my tablet.... i can use it as a wifi hotspot and watch movies at the scaled down quality using i think its 8 devices on the ipad.... i forgot what the max is....  But when you mention the word "tethering" i believe that relates to "smart phones".... and as i said.... during congestion.... while you're tethering that smartphone to your tablet.... T-Mobile can slow your speeds and allow people who have paid for tablets and hotspot use first in line to use their data with no slow down in service .


        also with the hotspot device you are allowed to have phones, tablets, computers access the data and utilize the binge on streaming..... trying to access the hotspot using a smart tv, playstation, xbox, roku, etc., i read is not compatible with the binge on streaming service.... so those devices will deplete your data until it is gone!!!!!


        I hope i answered your question.... but i will list the different devices so if you have a reply we will be on the same page.


        Smart Phone Mobile Hotspot.   (sim cards with voice & data)

        Wifi Hotspot Device.        (sim cards with data only)

        Tablet with wifi hotspot   (sim cards with data only)



        as i also mentioned in another post.... there are t-Mobile plans that have only Text &Data..... im not sure how that works, you will have to contact a rep concerning the pricing on that.... but that specialty plan i believe was created in the last few years after a deaf person complained that they are being charged for a voice plan when they can not use it....  so the phone carriers tailored a plan where you can have merely text and data, and i think its a cheaper plan, but as i said i don't remember what the price is for that service. You may be able to search for it online or contact the carrier of hour chosing and speak to them directly regarding pricing.


        I hope i answered your question, sorry for my very, very, very, very long reply.... but i try to give you all i know about a topic instead of providing you with a 5 word reply that may be difficult to decipher.... and then go back and forth in conversation unnecessarily.



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        • tmo_chris

          Hey vicjulian64,


          Barcodeable has the right idea SIM cards that are activated for tablets or mobile hotspots are activated as "Mobile internet" lines and would not be able to provide any type of data service to a smartphone be it phone browsing or tethering.