Promos and timing


    So I'm considering switching from another carrier and had seen a promo announced at CES where you got $150 per line for switching.  This clearly makes it easier to switch.  I have come to find out that ended.  Then I asked about the 3rd line free promo which I feel like was just announced in Feb and that's ended too. 


    1.  Is that common that these promos get announced to much fanfare and disappear in weeks?

    2.  I'm thinking that I just wait for another good promo to switch, any advice on that?


    As it stands, absent the promos it's only a marginal savings to switch carriers and probably not worth my time.

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        Re: Promos and timing

        Now You See Em.  Now You Don't! 

        I have learned to frequently check out the T-Mobile website for new deals or better plan options. Some windows of opportunity are extremley short. Others last longer. T-Mobile really means it when the offer is for "a limited time only".


        I found out about the recent free additional line offer a couple of days before it launched.

        I follow T-Moblie on Flipboard. Press releases from T-Mobile seem to appear in the T-Mobile Magazine on Flipboard within a day of release. There is also other useful & interesting T-Mobile info published there daily.


        Another way to hear about promotions is to visit T-Mobile Tuesdays every Tuesday.

        The T-Mobile Tuesday App actually included the offer for the free line promo (as a T-Mobile Tuesday promo) on the Tuesday that the offer launched. Unlike most T-Mo Tuesday offers, the free line offer lasted more than one day. I am not sure but it seems that the offer might have been withdrawn by the following Tuesday.


        Usually one needs to claim the offers on Tuesday and use them before they expire the following Tuesday. I was waiting for the launch for a few days before Tuesday, and "claimed" the offer on T-Mo Tuesday as a one week guarantee of availability.


        I think waiting for another promo is a good game plan.

            We know two things for sure.

        1. The sun always rises in the east.
        2. T-Mobile will always have another sign up promoton.


        Now that you are ready to jump ship from your existing carrier

        Be vigilant. Watch for the T-Mobile Opportunity Speed Boat to come zooming by.

        Then you can get on board with the rest of us.






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