Hello, I will be moving to Minneapolis, MN this summer for my studies. I have a Oneplus 3 (A3003, EU and Asian model)


    When it comes to mobile network provide, the first one that comes into my mind is T-mobile and I also heard from my seniors that T-mobile network is pretty good and cheap when compared to the likes of AT &T and verison. Please let me know, If i can use the same mobile(Oneplus 3 ,A3003) for few months in Minnesota with the T-mobile sim. I know that the mobile doesn't support 4G LTE in US but works with 2G and 3G(partially as mentioned in the website of Willmyphonework.com).

    I don't want spend on another mobile as soon as I reach minneapolis. Is it possible to use this version of Oneplus 3 in usa or Should I go to by another oneplus US model???

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