T-mobile lied to me


    After more than 10 years as a T-mobile customer, In December 2014, I left the country for work and I had informed T-mobile of a UPS Store where I had a PO Box they could send my final bill.  I knew that I would probably have early termination fees because I had to terminate the contract.  However, I never received the final bill as instructed and actually forgot about the early termination fees since I never received a bill.   I moved back to the USA in 12/2016 and saw on my credit a $600 charge with a Collection Agency called Southwest Credit Systems. I called them and found out t-mobile had send the account to collection for non-payment. 


    I spoke with both T-mobile and Southwest Credit Systems around Christmas 2016 and was told by Southwest Credit Systems, that once I paid off the account, in a few days a message would be sent to T-mobile and they would delete it from the 3 credit bureaus.  T-mobile understood that although I owed the money, it was not anybody's fault and they would not hold it against me due to the unusual circumstances. 


    In January 2017, I noticed it had not been removed so I contacted T-mobile.  They said that my account was clear but I told them that the Credit Bureaus had not deleted the collection accounts.  I was assured in mid-january that it might take up to 2 weeks but by January 31, 2017, it would be deleted. At the same time, I qualified for another T-mobile One account and setup a new account with T-mobile. 


    Just last week on March 8, 2017, I checked my credit report and the collection accounts were still showing with a Paid Status.  As most people know a paid Collection Account affects your credit score as much as an unpaid collection account.  I contact Financial Care and they tell me that it is showing up as zero balance and nothing negative.  However, I said the issue is with the Collection Account showing up on my credit.  At that point, told me the collection agency would have to delete it because the account had been sold to them and that T-mobile no longer has access to the information.  I contact the collection agency and explain to them that T-mobile said that they would need to delete it from my credit but they said they can not do that without a letter from T-Mobile.  so, I contact T-mobile again and explain that they will delete the Collection Account from the credit bureaus but they need a letter from T-mobile.  Financial Care then tells me they can not send a letter to SW Credit Systems but they will resolve it with them if I can get the collection agency to give them a call.  However, calling the Collection agency back, they refuse to call T-mobile.


    For me, I just want T-mobile to keep there word to a 10 year plus customer and facilitate having the item removed from my credit reports.  No matter what the process is, T-mobile needs to keep their word because it is affecting me in getting a mortgage.  Instead of a 4.00% mortgage, I would end up with 5.50% which will cost me thousands of dollars in the long run.  Either that, or my dream of getting a house is postponed because of the one negative item on my credit score.  Below are my grievances:


    1. T-mobile never sent me the last bill so I could make the payment from 12/2014

    2. The Collection Account was paid in 12/2016 with the understanding from T-mobile that they would make sure the item was deleted from all 3 credit bureaus,

    3.  The Original Delinquency date is showing 9/2016 although it should have been 1/2015. 

    4.  T-mobile lied to me in January 2017 saying it would be removed from my credit by 1/31/2017.

    5.  T-mobile is expecting me to facilitate the process of getting Southwest Credit Systems and T-mobile to speak to one another to resolve this.  There is a relationship between Southwest Credit Systems and T-mobile and there is somebody in T-mobile that can make one phone call or send one letter or send one e-mail and it will be resolved.  It is a lie when Financial Care tells me that that nothing can be done now and that there is not anybody at T-mobile that can resolve this.  I am being told now that since I did the right thing and Paid it, nothing can be done.  If I had not paid the bill, then they could have done something to assure that it would be deleted upon payment. Very bad logic in my opinion.   


    I did file a dispute with all 3 credit agencies but Southwest Credit System verified the information as being accurate even though it is not accurate i.e. Date of Original Delinquency.


    I did not get anything in writing and that is my fault but I assumed that having a 10 year relationship with T-mobile, I would not have to do that.  That was my biggest error. 


    The way to resolve this issue, is for T-mobile to have Southwest Credit Systems remove the Collection Account from my credit report.


    If T-mobile will not resolve this simple item for a 10 year customer that has spent more than 25k with them, then I will be forced to look for cell phone service with AT&T.  I will not stop until I can find the right person at T-mobile to resolve this.  All I expect is to keep your word and delete the item which is creating serious problems for me. 


    Thank you for your understanding and help in finding a solution. 

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: T-mobile lied to me

        Oh man. Unfortunately I am not going to have the best of news for you.


        Unfortunately not receiving a bill for whatever reason doesn't hold you unaccountable for the balance. I can't speak to why the bill wasn't received, but it still would have needed to have been paid and gone to collections without payment.


        That said, we should not have promised the option to remove it from your credit as that is not something that would have been an available option and is not something we should have in any way lead you to believe to be true.


        It does take several months for your account to enter collections, it's not something that happens immediately after the bill is due in an effort for us to avoid the account going to collections all together which is likely why your delinquency date will not reflect as 1/2015


        We aren't able to access accounts through here, so again, we are unable to speak to why someone promised you a removal, but it's not something we could have offered for your situation.


        I wish I had more positive news to share with you.



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          • jproctor01

            Re: T-mobile lied to me

            I am a ten year customer.  I was expecting a final bill but never got it.   I honestly forgot about it and never heard from anybody until I checked my credit report last December:   Basically it was the early termination fee.  You are blaming me?  Wow.  Maybe AT&T would like my business now.  You could have had the collection agency remove it but you are choosing to take a hardline approach on a 10 year customer.  Obviously if I knew I had the final bill,  I would have paid it then.  You are treating me like some sort of dead beat.  Again,  I was with you guys over 10 years and I never got the bill or thought about it after the fact.  The right thing to do is contact Southwest Credit Systems and have them remove it as they will do it upon your request.  ou are choosing not too and then want to put the blame on me.  Unbelievable.  I will not stop until T-Mobile does the right thing.  Apparently T-Mobile is so large;  my business means nothing to you.  If we want to really make this difficult,  I can push this legally as this is a violation of the FCRA.  I get tired of large companies thinking they can lie and treat customer poorly and there are no consequences. 


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            • etoolz65

              Re: T-mobile lied to me

              Sorry for commenting on a very old thread, but you stated, "we should not have promised the option to remove it from your credit as that is not something that would have been an available option and is not something we should have in any way lead you to believe to be true".


              So, I guess we can't really rely and count on tmobile's word, since it can just change on the fly, as well as this thread, which is relative to anyone seeing a tmobile collection on their credit report, has no reason to pay that old bill to tmobile since it won't matter anyways, and as the other customer said, "tmobile" was ready to offer them another account regardless of the old bill, so again, why pay a tmobile collections?  I don't need an answer, you already answered it, there's literally no reason to pay a past due tmobile collection attempt, because it's staying on your credit report, regardless.


              If I ever see a tmobile collections on my account, I know now that there's no point in paying it so it's not there anymore, because that will remain on my account and negatively influence it regardless until the 7 year grace period and the tmobile account is removed regardless due to federal laws.


              PS: I suppose the moral high ground is to pay the bill, based on moral principle, but logically as with tmobile's logic, and in the sense of so many people being being poor financially and hobbled by mistake and held to suffer, then logically, it would not need to even be paid.

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                • gwsessions

                  Re: T-mobile lied to me

                  so true,   Don't believe anything you are told by T-Mobile.  No matter how nice the people are in the store.

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                    • etoolz65

                      Re: T-mobile lied to me

                      Hey qwessions,  I agree 100%!  Forgive me, but it appears I'm manic today, so let me wax long winded for a minute.  I always get everything I want//need assured on physical paper (or audio record) of course, and of course understand fully what the fine print says or "implies".  I really like TMobile an awful lot; I have since 2012 when I needed OTG data only on a TMobile branded 4G LTE tablet I had at the time.  It was thee fastest internet I had ever seen, on a smaller mobile phablet like (7inch) device.  At times for projects I'd tether as needed and pull down 3-4 gigs in just 2-3 hours.  Their data was soooo expensive, 10$ a gig was the cheapest they'd rate me on the go, but it was worth it at the times; I just needed dependable and fast data on the go.  Mostly I'd mainly do emails and texting, so it wasn't like it was constantly chewing through my data limiters like crazy, and they even clued me in on data friendly newsfeeds, and email apps//VoIP related apps and even let me roll over data at times when purchasing data card bundles on top of my prepaid autopay when not using up all of my data up for that period.  They were easy to work with, but at times hard to deal with when talking to customer service (in store mainly) and even tech support peoples (in store mainly).  I have learned not to trust anyone, ever, for the most part.  I get everything in writing and on audio-video as relatively needed, etc.  Again, sorry for the long winded reply, but TMobile seems to have set the standard for consumer mobile data.  At least in my book they have and continue to do so for now.

                      • etoolz65

                        Re: T-mobile lied to me

                        PS: sorry for spelling your name wrong *gwsessions