T-Mobile app update is broke...


    First I get this notification every time I start my phone today.




    Then when you click on that you get this.




    Then I when go into the T-Mobile app I get this.




    If you click on update you get this.




    I'm not the only one having issues with this update.  Go to Google Play and read the comments from the last few day.


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      • beej

        Re: T-Mobile app update is broke...

        I was finally able to get rid of this update runaround after reading some threads on here from 2015.  It seems the T-Mobile app doesn't play well with some or all prepaid plans.  I was able to go into settings/general/apps and remove the app updates. It's now back to version which I believe came pre-installed on my phone originally.  I cleared the cache and app data and turned off notifications and permissions.  I still can't delete or disable the app but it's now using 0% battery and 0% memory.  Hopefully as long as I never click on the "allow" button again I won't have further issues.  I have other ways to check my balance and pay my bill.



        • coop2017

          Re: T-Mobile app update is broke...

          I had the same problem. Uninstall Tmobile app, and reinstall the original app.,an do updates. Works fine for me.

            • barcodeable

              Re: T-Mobile app update is broke...

              I have a Note 3 and i have been postponing this T-Mobile update for so long... because im not a big fan of updating my hardware when my hardware is working just fine. I was actually bored today and decided to just approve the update. My phone successfully completed the update and rebooted itself. Then it checked for updates and re-updated itself with the same update. Then after that update was completed, my phone rebooted and scanned for updates and updated itself a 3rd time lol. Each time it updated itself it thanked me for updating with t-Mobile....lol.... not sure why my phone updated itself 3 times.... but luckily after the third update it couldn't locate any more updates to install. I don't really know if my phone benefited from this update, but im guessing i have better battery life compared to previous use. my phone is now updated to Android 5.0 so it wasn't even a major new update at all.


              I am very happy my phone didn't BRICK, because I am not in the mood to buy another expensive phone .