how to forward voicemail to email


    I am using visual voicemail app on my phone.

    However, when I try to turn on "send as email" (&pay $4/mo) I get an error message that says "We are unable to update your account settings at this time.  Please visit or call 611".  So-far I visited to no avail.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: how to forward voicemail to email

        Ahh, it sounds like you are looking for our voicemail to text service that is $4 a month. It sounds like the error you are getting is when you are trying to add the service to your account. Can you try rebooting your phone and trying to activate the service again? Your phone needs a data connection to the T-Mobile network in order to enable this service. If it's still not working, you will want to contact us so we can have our care team look at why the service is not adding to your account.