After update my phone keeps crashing when wifi is turned on. Need help...


    Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

    I have a Samsung galaxy 7S Edge. After I updated my phone I started running into issues once I turn my wifi on. If I'm on cellular data I'm fine. Once I turn on my wifi my phone / APPs crash. Some of the messages I get are "com.sec.epdg has stopped." or I get " Settings keeps stopping". Those are just 2. I get lots of different messages because its like everything is crashing.

    I called T-Mobile and the Support Agent tried to help me. She made me reset my phone but that didn't help. The problem came back once my phone was reinstalled. Plus I lost alot of my data. I wasn't very happy.

    She said Samsung was aware of the issue and working on a solution but its been awhile.

    I'm really fed up with this issue. I'm thinking of going to the Iphone!

    Anyone else having this issue and/or have a solution?


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