Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge broken screen Gorilla Glass 3


    I asked a question on here if there was a known issue with the S7 Edge screen cracking. The answer I got was the opinion of the man that answered my question. So he did answer my question as far as his knowledge at the time. I have done some checking on my own. And the S7 Edge uses the gorilla glass 3. The new Samsung products are using the gorilla glass 4. The Gorilla Glass 3 is not an inferior product to the gorilla glass 4. A Samsung representative online chat told me that the Gorilla Glass 3 is the better of the two as far as hardness. The gorilla glass 4 will be more flexible. Even a T-Mobile rep told me that they are hearing  more about Samsung s7 Edge glass breaking even inside the best phone cases. My opinion is based on facts and it is this; the glass is far too rigid and normal flexing of the phone snaps the glass. A defective pairing of the glass to the phone. This is not the first time Samsung paired something wrong, of course I'm speaking of the Note 7 battery too large for the device.    

    when I noticed a cracked screen on my over priced Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for no apparent reason. I thought there was a hair on the screen going from one side to the other until I wiped it off. Hairline screen fracture. 

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      • stevetjr

        As mentioned in a duplicate thread, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge use Gorilla Glass 4 not 3


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        • foolmeonce

          I'm sorry after being involved in so many other forums, and finding that the current s7 edge screen  is breaking  in what seems like all the S7edge phones not only in The USA but all over the world. And any other product that had a issue with the quality of the product breaking sometimes within hours of purchase. You would take it right back to the store for a replacement. It is T mobile and Samsung's policy to blame all screen damage on its customers. I guess except the ones that caught on fire from the inside. I can see why from a financial or ethical too? stand point T mobile wouldnt be the company to step up and be honest since the are currently in trouble with the FTC I'm sure that 90 million plus the lastest repaymnt to customers for fraud for fraud right? 20 million the last Judge has stepped in and ordered is something that has hurt their bottom line Im only guessing? Both companies are aware of the problem although they ae still producing the proverbial lemon as it has been said allegedly. I have also heard that since they know what the problem is they are or have changed the glass screen problem at leat on the new 8s. In my opinion they have dealt with the FTC enough that they feel the FTC might go easy on them, for knowingly and willing  have commited an alleged offense again against their customrs. This issue of selling faulty equipment long after they have knowen of the alleged fraud, may be under a different criminal offense. I dont know the FTC website has a ton of info. It looks as though I will have to take my 4 phone lines, somtimes up to eight phone line somewhee  else. I know that a few hundred dollars a month and me constanly telling, blogging, and joing all the othe phone companies chat groups and telling everone how I was treated by tmobile after ten years of probaly not making a single late payment isnt going to make or break Tmobile No I dont have anythig better to do. I'm 40 years old and physically disabled. Both my daughters are in  college and their is no spouse she left my girls and I when I got hurt 13 plus years ago. So what I dont have in money I have in time.  Im not mad I have a hard time getting  over things like this.I spend 2 to 7 days a month.  at hosp, Dr. Pharmacy I spend a lot of time waiting with others. This will make a good topic. everone almost everone  has a phone in their hand.. there is a little bit  of good in all things.  I'm saying to you If the 121789 people who have pleadged they are filling with the FTC I'm sure I will too. other than that I plan on getting my stuff squared away with T mobile. will tell of my personal story. oh I only have one phone with a broken screen s7 edge the others are 2 apples and an s5 I bought for my mom. I think my s7edge is able to jump by now. So this really comes down to about 200.00 retail and some respect. Thanks for lending me an ear and letting me get that off my chest. Please have a great day I diddnt wite the book for your stress. It sure did hlp get rid of mine. . thanks Jason  NO RESPONE NEEDED thank you again