Can't activate auto pay on T-mobile One no credit check.


    I ordered a BYOD T-mobile One No Credit Check plan over the phone last week and activated today. When ordering I asked the representative if we can set up the autopay. He said that I shoud do that at the later time. After checking out the billing section in the T-mobile app and chatting/calling t-mobile they refused saying that No Credit Check accounts are not eligible. What are my options since I was lied to upon activation (I assume they have the recording of that call somewhere)? Also, the T-mobile website itself says that Simple Choice No Credit Check plans are no eligible, but I have the ONE plan, and it does NOT mention this. Here's the link for reference: AutoPay. Representatives tried to make up explanations like that the Simple Choice plan changed it's name to One (not true - if you click on the hyperlink to Simple Choice plan in the link given above it says clearly that Simple Choice is no longer available for new customers); or that my account is called Simple Choice but the plan is called T-mobile One (SMH) and everything is right. I'm about to cancel T-mobile account, but looking for advice if I have any chance to make my case. I'm sure that I'm right (for being lied to and misinformed repeatedly), not sure though  if it's worth my time to fight it and what can I actually do. I need the autopay both for the discount and convenience and it is a deal breaker for me. Thanks for any input.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey jacoooooooo,


        It pains me to hear that you are off to such a rough start with us We definitely could have done a better job of explaining the limitations of Auto Pay to you when you first activated with us. Without fluffing the details, No Credit Check accounts in general are not eligible for Auto Pay, this include our older Simple Choice plans as well as the relatively newer T-Mobile One plan. I can see where the confusion may have happened as the link you posted says that "AutoPay isn't available for No Credit Check plans." but when you click on the link, it specifically calls out the Simple Choice No Credit Check" plan. While there is no way that we can get you on auto pay, I will make sure that we get the verbiage updated to where it calls out any kind of No Credit Check as the link portrays rather than just calling out a specific rate plan.

          • jacoooooooo

            It was actually updated to "No credit check plans" after my case. Earlier it was "Simple choice no credit check plan", so it was specific and did not refer to T-mobile One, which I had. It's amazing how little T-mobile can do to make it right for a customer, who was misinformed. Nevermind, you don't need to do anything with my plan, since I cancelled my account and switched to Verizon. They charge more but at last are upfront with their rules. I would stay with T-mobile if they credited my account for $5 mised discount I was looking for, but it was too much I guess.  I still had an option to set up auto-pay thru my bank. Too bad. They'd rather loose a customer than discount $5. Too bad - I won't be back.