DIGITS on PC: Has Not Worked Since Beta Started


    I know this issue has been mentioned many times already, but I wanted to express my frustration with the DIGITS experience on PC and find out if there is a solution being worked on.


    This "DISCONNECTED" error has been preventing me from using DIGITS at work since the beta has started.



    I work in a U.S. Government facility where most mobile cell coverage is unable to penetrate, and there is no public WiFi. I have to leave my phone at home and use 3rd party apps like MightyText in order to send text messages. DIGITS was going to be the solution for me to send/receive texts without having to do that.


    Since the Beta launched, this "DISCONNECTED" issue has been discussed in many threads on here, particularly related to this case where it is most likely a firewall issue. There have been reports of people whitelisting certain IP addresses and ports and getting it to work. This is simply not possible in the environment I work in; I do not have permissions to alter any of that. I have no problems accessing any other web services aside from DIGITS. I have tried the downloadable client as well to no avail, but that wouldn't be an ideal solution anyway because we are not allowed to install applications that are not on a pre-approved list.


    When I was on Verizon, this was not an issue. I simply logged into Verizon Messages and was able to send/receive texts there, on the same computer that I am using now. Verizon Messages is the exact same thing that T-Mobile is trying to implement, except it works. If Verizon's application is able to send/receive texts in this environment, I don't see why T-Mobile's can't. I have a co-worker who is currently on Verizon but is waiting until the "DISCONNECTED" issue with DIGITS is resolved before he makes the switch T-Mobile. My friends and I have been telling him all about the perks of T-Mobile and why he should switch, but he won't be able to send/receive texts at work until this is resolved, and so he is sticking with Verizon meanwhile (and paying more than he needs to).


    I understand we are still in the Beta phase, but I haven't seen much dialogue about developers actively working to fix this issue, and it completely prevents a lot of people from using it. I was messaging back and forth on here on this issue with @tmo_marissa but I'm not sure if my info got passed along to the developers. Please let them know that resolving this issue is paramount.

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