iphone7 upgrade SCAMMED!


    I just got scammed by tmobiles iphone 7 upgrade promotion.


    I upgraded 3 family lines to the iphone 7 with the promo below.



    The promotion was:

    • Trade in iphone 6 ($165 credit value) and T mobile gives you 24 months of ($20.21) = thus you end up playing $0 for the phone.
    • This looks correct for Diana's and Jennifer's Line.


    i phone 7 scammed.png


    An Iphone 6s was traded in for this line we only got imbursed $145 (not sure why it was not $165 - t-mobile did not give me a reason as to why i did not get full value for my trade in)


    As you can see Something is not right! For Thomas's Line:

    1. There is only 13 months remaining! SO, ONLY 13 MORE MONTHS OF 20.21 CREDIT.
      • The plan started 9/12/16.. today is 3/10/17 ---> only 6 months has elapsed; It should be the same as the other 2 lines.
        • 13 months remaining + 6 months of credit = 19 total months of expected credit.  $20.21 * 19 months = 383.99
        • Why am i missing 5 months of credit?! i am losing $20.21 * 5 months = $101.05 worth of t-mobile credit.


        2. The reimbursement of $145 was applied to the PHONE EQUIPMENT PLAN --> THIS is different.

      • I wanted the value applied to Account balance like for the other 2 lines.

        3. I am also being asked to pay $6.88 / month for 24 months. I have already been billed $6.88 for the past 6 months.

      • Thus, At the end of 24 months I would have paid out of pocket : $6.88 x 24 months = $165.12


        4. So, in conclusion what it looks like is I GOT SCAMMED AND AM NOT RECEIVING THE PROMOTION AS ADVERTISED!

      • Instead of giving my iphone 6s and receiving a iphone 7 for $0 (where T-mobile credits 24 months of $20.21 as agreed)
      • I am actually PAYING $165.12 on top of HAVING MY phone 6s VALUE NOT RETURNED TO ME ($165)
      • Total out of pocket cost of phone: 165 (value of iphone 6s) + 165.12 (out of pocket cost) = $330.12
      • Total cost of phone:   $383.99 (19 months of credit) + 330.12 (total out of pocket cost for me) = $714.11
        • THE IPHONE 7 DOESNT EVEN COST $714.11 It should be $650!
        • THIS IS NOT WHAT THE PROMOTION OR HOW THE OTHER 2 lines on my account is operating.



    For Diana's and Jennifer's line the value of the trade in actually went to our account balance (thus we actually did receive money for our trade in)

    Diana's Line:

    • We received $165 credit for the iphone 6s trade in; which was used to pay for a month of cell phone bill.
    • We are receiving $20.21 credit, for the complete 24 months duration as advertised. 20.21 *24 months= $485.04
    • We are paying  $11.88 / month because it is an iphone 7 plus --> $11.88 x 24 months = $285.12
      • This $285.12 is correct because:
        • we received $165 back into our account for the iphone 6s trade in, so we are paying $165 for 24 months back to tmobile for receiving the iphone 6s trade-in credit now.
        • In addition we are paying $120 more for the iphone 7plus upgrade as advertised.
    • Total out of pocket cost of phone: 165 (value of iphone 6s applied to account balance) + 120.00 (out of pocket cost) = $285
    • Total cost of phone:   $485.04 (24 months of credit) + 285 (total out of pocket cost for me) = $770
      • Everything is CORRECT -- happy



    1) Paying $165 total monthly out of pocket (6.88 * 24 months).


    3) AND losing 5 months of credit ($20.21 * 5 months = $101.05)



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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: iphone7 upgrade SCAMMED!

        Hey there!


        Because we don't have account access through Support here, we would suggest reaching out to a representative directly. Have you already had a chance to speak to our customer care?


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        • domico01

          Re: iphone7 upgrade SCAMMED!

          I returned my Iphone 5c to preordered the Iphone 7 in October. Same story as everyone else with countless hours on the phone with no credit. Please let me know if anyone has received there credit yet.

          • monique123

            Re: iphone7 upgrade SCAMMED!

            We trade-in 3 iphone for 3 Iphone 7 after talked into TMobile trade-in free promotion.

            Now one year has passed, we are charged almost full price of the iPhone 7!!!

            We called tMobile help line, numerous people tried to help us and none can figured out why we are still getting billed with more than $400 each line.


            This is tMobile scam, everyone.


            Is there any class action law suit forming up.  Please let me know.