Considering leaving T-Mobile in a week :(

    I signed up for the Tmobile One service switching from AT&T and the agent told me that I can easily get a hookup code to save 20% and make this an attractive change. I am not able to get the hook-up code from and at this price point, I rather stay with my original carrier. I have 30 days to switch and will try for another week or so for the code.... Does anyone have a hookup code that can be shared and keep me with T-Mobile..

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      • tmo_marissa

        Yikes!  What a bummer.  I'm so sorry this happened - we never should have advised you that a code was easily obtained unless we could pass you one right then and there!  Here on Support - like all TMO employees - we had a limited number to give out and they did go quickly, so I'm sorry to say we're not able to supply any Hook Up codes at this point. 
        That said, I'm glad you're giving it a little time - who knows, someone might pop in here who does have a code to share.  If you know any TMO employees, or have family or friends that do, maybe they have one or two left!  We've got some awesome deals going on with or without the Hook Up code, but I understand wanting to get the best deal you can - so I hope you're able to get your hands on one and I don't fault you one bit for asking!  I hope you'll stick around Support - we've got tons of info on equipment, our network and plans, and a really knowledgeable community!


        - Marissa

        • artart

          Sorry to hear of your situation

          I have had a few ocasions over the years when I had gotten bad info from a rep. T-Mobile has always fixed the issue for me. The key is to get to a person who has the authority to over ride the system. That is a customer loyalty specialist or what I call "retention".  If you actually decide to cancel T-Mobile, you will be transfered .to a retention specialist. He or she will ask why you are leaving. It is the retension specialist job to retain you


          I would not wait until you decided to leave before you give T-Mobile a chance to persuade you to stay.


          Here is what I would do if I were in your shoes

          1. Call 611 support and ask to speak to retention or sombody who will help you to decide to stay or leave.
          2. If you are asked for details read your post at the start of this thread in its entirity.
          3. Again ask to speak to retention.
          4. Once you are transfered to retention, you can read your post again
          5. Explain that one of the answers you got to your question was to call retention and see if there was anything they could do for you. It might not ba a code offer, but I am sure that something can be done to fix this issue.
          6. If it works out for you you can do a happy dance.
          7. If retention can't or won't do anything for you, then you still don't have to quit T-Mobile then & there. You will be no worse off than you are right now. You can still sleep on it for a week.

          In any event post back here what happened if you decide to try my advice. Someone might have some more suggestions. T-Mobile is a good company. Give it a chance to proove it to you.  




            Thanks for your response and assurances.. I have decided to keep the service for now and will keep looking for promotions in he future.