Is there really no way to contact T-Mobile if your phone is broke and cant get texts or calls?


    About a few weeks ago my phone broke so I had my mom call and pay for insurance claim so I could have a new phone sent to me. I get the new phone and I get it all set up and everything but there is one problem. They sent me a phone that would not except data so I could not get calls or sms. The only thing the phone was good for was checking my emails when I have wifi. So I drive all the way to my moms house to call and try to have them figure it out. They tried everything and could not figure it out and pretty much they said they are going to have to send me a new phone. Well the guy I talked to said that if I had it sent to where I had been going for vacation the phone should be there by the time I get there. I wanted to do this because I needed my phone for many reasons. Well I had it sent there and I get there and my phone was said to get there the day after I left. They told me to call them once the phone was in and they would send it back and have one cent to near my home. The only thing is I don't have a working phone. I have been too busy to go in store and have this dealt with so I have been trying to find a way to contact T-Mobile without a phone. Oddly enough it has been near impossible and quite annoying to be honest. My only option was to right here for help or write a letter and send it in. I guess I may have to make time to go in store. I have been extremely upset that I had payed for a new phone to be sent to me and I get a new broken phone and then they were going to charge me again to have a new one sent and to be switched out. There is also the fact that they expect me to call them with no phone as well as not getting my phone that I payed for when I was told I was going to have it. I don't know if anyone else has had to go through this as well but does anyone have any advice or would my best bet be to just make time to go in store?

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        Hey aaronmc33!  Let me start by saying I'm sorry to read that your phone broke, especially during what sounds like an awful time.  I've filed a few insurance claims in my day (we may be a slightly klutzy family) and I've never personally received a defective replacement from Assurant or Asurion, but I know that can happen, rare as it may be - and I'm sorry that it happened to you. 
        When the insurance replacement equipment is defective, T-Mobile replaces it with one of our stock of devices used for warranty exchanges.  Typically this has to be ordered and then picked up in a store, but it sounds like we were going to ship something to you instead, and then somehow that got bungled in the process?  If we dropped the ball here and somehow made an already awful experience even worse, I can't apologize enough. 
        We'd love to get this ironed out for you.  Since this Support Community is a public user forum, we're not able to pull your account up here - but we definitely want to make sure you're assisted, and there are options when you can't call in. Though the store won't have immediate replacement stock available - any equipment will have to be ordered and then shipped there for you to pick up - you can definitely come in for assistance.  You can also contact our T-Force team through PM in Facebook (just click "Message" below our cover photo on the T-Mo FB page) or DM in Twitter (@tmobilehelp) - those channels account verification options so we're able to access your account and see what's been going on to get it fixed.  Thank you for taking the time to reach out here and provide the feedback about the way this all played out, I definitely wish we'd done a better job and hope you'll come by or reach out through social media so we can make it right ASAP.


        - Marissa