Where do I see my hotswap threshold? I got a text saying I'm at 80%, but where is that 80% represented?


    Hi there, When I switched to the unlimited data plan, I was told there wouldn't be any caps for slowdown, even on hotswap. I was surprised, but okay, cool. However, I got a text yesterday saying I'm at 80% before my hotswap is cut down to 512kbps.


    My question is, where can I see this 80% threshold and what my current usage is that represents that 80%?


    I know there's the usage section on the website, but it doesn't distinguish between mobile and tethering. I also tried #USE# and that doesn't distinguish either.


    I tried the online chat, but I don't think it works on Saturdays... no one answered.


    Thanks for any directions or guidance.

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      • theartiszan

        Are you on the one plan with one plus international add on?

        • keithdc

          Just messaged with a rep. She said,


          >"Based on your plan, your data is unlimited 4G + 10GB mobile hotspot. We don't have a plan that provides unlimited mobile hotspot. What we offer is the 10GB and once you have used up the 10GB, speed will slow down from 4G to 2G."


          She suggested I try looking at the app. Sure enough, the app splits out the data usage. She noted that she'll "have this issue noted so we can have our website feature improved in the future."


          The app feels pretty invasive, but I suppose it has its good reasons for needing to be so (aside from the little, "Do you love T-Mobile? [Yes|No]" modal popup, which I dismissed by minimizing/restoring the app). Nonetheless, I was able to capture six pages of my tethering usage data, so will be uninstalling it now.


          I do hope they get this data usage split information added to their website in the next site release or two.




          • artart

            keithdc wrote:


            I know there's the usage section on the website, but it doesn't distinguish between mobile and tethering. I also tried #USE# and that doesn't distinguish either.


            Thanks for any directions or guidance.

            Hi keithdc


            Can't be sure if it is the same for your plan. Here is what I do for my Simpls Choice Unlimited (Binge On enabled tethering).


            1. Download the T-Mobile  mobile app.
            2. Look for the box (below Billing & Payments) titled "Data Usage".
            3. To the right of the heading "Data Usage" is a tiny heading in red -  "View Usage".
            4. Click on "View Usage"
            5. Look for the box with the handset phone # for which you want to check hotspot usage.
            6. In the upper right corner of that box opposite your name is "View Line Details" (in tiny red letters)
            7. After clicking "View Line Details" the second box on the resulting page (Data Usage), will give you total metered data used. The third box (Smartphone Mobile HotSpot), will provide the portiton of total metered data used that is used by the hotspot. I believe this is the info you want. You can then find even more info by clicking tiny red heading "View Details" in the upper right corner of either box


            Hope this works for you.



            • artart


              Just noticed you posted info about using the app while I was composing my step by step instructions for using the app.


              Maybe the steps will help others.


              To the best of my knowledge, the app is the only way to see up to date HotSpot totals.


              Personally I don't mind the T-Mobile app's invasiveness, at least from the perspective of privacy (permissions). I f.eel that as my phone carrier service provider, they know everything about me anyway. Full name. Residence addresses. Credit score. Social Security #. Cell tower position. Time & Date of all calls and phone numbers of those called. etc. etc.


              I can't imagine much more data T-Mo could get with the permissions granted for app usage.


              Because of privacy concerns I don't download many apps beside T-Mobile.


              As far as pop ups and how are we doing questions. I don't recieve those. Maybe they will eventually stop. Maybe there are some opt out options.



              • sethowens9698

                I would also like to add to this even though this has been answered. It might be different for each phone but on my G5 under settings, network section, select mobile data and it shows a graph of your total usage with each app under it that has used data, including mobile hotspot. There I can see how close I am to hitting the 10GB before throttle.


                Hope that helps as well.

                  • keithdc

                    I had forgotten all about those process breakdowns, sethowens9698 . However, it doesn't seem to jibe with what the T-Mobile App shows (it's off by about 4.5GB, although both 'total data' do line up).


                    Although, as you mentioned, it could be different for each phone. Does the tethering/hotswap usage on your G5 line up with the T-Mobile App?

                      • sethowens9698

                        Actually mine doesn't add up either and is off by nearly 4.5 GB like you mentioned. My total data is off by nearly 1 GB (the app says 1GB more). Even made sure my cycles matched so maybe the app is just slow or maybe it differentiates between USB tethering and wireless hotspot (which I switch between often). Not sure. Love T-Mobile but their system does seem whacky at times.

                        • artart


                          You bring up a good point.

                          The post made bysethowens9698 got me to thinking. I had also forgotten about checking the data list for hotspot usage. I can't currently confirm if the HotSpot usage appears in my own list of apps with the individual data usage. I have not used the HotSpot during this billing cycle. It does not appear on the list yet.


                          Your comment about the 4.5 GB decrepancy might be the difference between total metered gata that T-Mobile shows in the app and the total on network data used for 30GB deprioritization.


                          The phone keeps a record of all data used by the handset including data used by Binge On streaming. T-Mobile does not show Binge On usage anywhere at all even though it counts towards the 30GB soft cap. We have to call a rep to get the current total of Binge On data.


                          I can't know how your numbers break down.

                          Can you do the math for us? If your handset usage shows 4.5GB more total data usage than the T-Mobile total data usage number; I think that might be the actual number to use when trying to stay below the 30GB soft cap to avoide possible deprioritization.


                          I believe you have descovered how to monitor Total On Network Usage. Which T-Mobile doesn' provide for us. Of course the way to verify this is to stream an hour of "free streaming video" and check to see if the GBs are added to the T-Mobile total data usage sumary metric. I know that the T-Mo hotspot usage total does not increase for me when Binge On is engaged. At the same time my handset does record the video data used.



                            • sethowens9698

                              The difference in hotspot usage could very well be binge on taking place. I think I was hotspotting netflix for a bit but I've also changed the way I stream my movies so my netflix doesn't use my hotspot data. I'll watch this more closely once it all resets. There's now roughly a 4GB difference between phone hotspot meter and app meter. The apps total data usage says I've used over 1GB more data than my phone says I've used.


                              Couple things I did notice though. The date and time list they provide for your data access during the billing period is including the day before my period even starts. Also the times they show make it look like I'm a night owl. Could there be some sort of time zone discrepancy on their end in adding up data?