MMS not working on S7 from Verizon


    I brought my Galaxy S7 over from Verizon.  Phone, SMS and internet work fine.  MMS does not work.  Group chats, images etc.  APN settings are fine.  Per Verizon, the phone is not locked.  T-Mobile tech support unable to help...they say to just get a new phone.  Ideas?

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      • pnm01

        Re: MMS not working on S7 from Verizon

        Figured it out.  The support guy at T-Mobile did not have enough details in the APN.  Filled in the final details as found elsewhere in the forum, and it works.  Bootloader still shows Verizon stuff, and there is a notification that the SIM is not Verizon...but I will work on that next.  Getting OS updates will be a problem too...will have to root the phone to get those sideloaded.  Not as good as a phone purchased direct from manufacturer, but it will do.