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    I closed my account around early March, switched to Project Fi, Verizon prepaid and have then have decided to come back to t-mobile. However, I have just received my final bill. It mentions autopay on it (I had autopay before account was closed), and have a remaining balance of around $3. My question is will autopay pay this remaining balance, or will I have to send a payment? Is there any way to do this electronically, as I do not trust snail mail after some horrible experiences.

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        If you were on prepaid and cancelled service with T-Mobile, then that money is spent and gone.  If you were postpaid, then typically you'd just pick up where you left off given it has been less than 60 days.

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          Hey dblaber,


          Just wanted to check in here to see if you still had any questions on this. Let us know

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            I am on a postpaid account, and the balance has not transferred over to the new account. My question still stands, will autopay automatically take the small balance remaining.  I was talking to someone on 611, they said I had a credit, but I checked again on paper bill and it says I owe a couple dollars.

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                This is kind of a tough question to answer as we are unable to see your account here on a user forum. If you received your paper bill before you spoke with our customer care team and customer care says that you have a credit balance on your old account, I would go with what customer care says as the paper bill may be out of date.