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I Spy


    Hey T-Mo community! Who remembers the age old game of I Spy? Most of you may have played it while on long road trips with the family or a group of friends to help pass the time. I know my parents had me and my brother play it so we would stop fighting in the back seat haha. I think it would be fun if we took a shot a playing it here in the community I am not saying that we should all hop in our cars and start snapping pictures to share as that would be crazy dangerous. Instead, we can play using stuff in our home or office the post the images here.


    How to play:


    I will start the post with something like "Something red on my desk" and post a picture of said object. After my picture, I will ask the next person to post a picture of "Something green in their kitchen"


    If you are the next person to post, find something green in your kitchen, snap a pic and post it here and ask for someone to post a picture of something of any color you wish.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: I Spy

        Something red on my desk!




        Let's see something Green in that is in your kitchen.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: I Spy

            Something green in my kitchen... these ancient Fire King mugs have traveled with me since my first apartment.  Now our oldest kiddo drinks his tea and hot chocolate out of them.




            Show me something blue in your closet!