BUG: SMS notices keep reappearing


    On my Samsung S7, (SM-G930T) recently upgraded to Android 7.0...



    1) I received an SMS text message from my wife and a notice was displayed.

    2) Later, I swiped from the top of the screen to the bottom, then swiped the notice to dismiss it.

    3) I never bothered to actually go read the text on the phone.


    Expected Result:

    Since I dismissed the notice, it should stay dismissed.

    (However, on the Messaging app, it should show up in the count of unread messages.)



    Every once in a while the notice is displayed again.

    It has been about 24 hours, and it has shown up 3-4 times.

    In at least one case the notice contained only that item.

    In at least one case the notice contained another item that had just arrived.

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