DIGITS: One device multiple number scenario with numbers from different accounts


    tmo_evan tmo_chris


    I have done a very detailed test of DIGITS in both the scenarios and I shall post my detailed analysis by tonight central time. I hope that might give you a better idea. Overall my experience was very positive.


    I have one scenario in mind which I am not sure if its possible. Here is the detail:


    I have two accounts with TMobile and I am the primary account holder in both the accounts. For one of the account I use Galaxy S7 (Account 1 for work purpose) and another account I use iPhone 6 (Account 2 for personal purpose). Now is it possible to add the number of Account 2 (i.e. my personal usage number) as DIGITS Virtual Line for Account 1? In that case, I can use the Account 2 number (i.e. my personal usage number) from my Galaxy S7, a device which I like more than my iPhone 6. Or is it the case that to add the number as DIGITS Virtual, they have to be from the same account? The other way round i.e. adding my work usage number as the virtual line to the personal usage device, works as well for me . Please suggest.

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