2 Trade-in Iphone, one lost one got destroyed


    Me and my husband trade in 2 iPhone last Sep. One 6S and one 5S. We use the pre-paid label T-mobile provided and dropped it to USPS. Till now, we have not received any credit and for each month we keep paying the device fee. My husband went to the T-mobile store to see if the staff there can help us. The staff there told us our phones have been received and credit already applied to our account. So he went back to check the bills. But no credit showed on the bill. We tried to call T-mobile. The customer representative told us we should not use that label to return. What? We followed the instructions to ship back the old phones. Then came the other representative. We were told that T-mobile has not receive our 6S in their warehouse and my husband's 5S got destroyed cos he has some sort of app installed in the phone. So they just destroyed the phone with out letting us know. Me and my husband dropped our phones together. How could one received and the other got lost? And the staff in the store told us both being received. Who's telling the truth? Staff in USPS also said that is not reasonable. Now the result is we lost our old phone and "bought" 2 new phone and get trapped into T-mobile's 2 years agreement. I can not accept that result. I need to know where is my old phone and get my credit back!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Yikes! This is no good and even worse when you get mixed information. I do have a few questions so we can help sort this out. First off, when you sent the phones back, did your labels have an address to TX or PA? I only ask because for trade-ins they would go to our warehouse in TX. If they were sent to that warehouse, there's still a way to get it escalated, however the trade-in credit won't be applied automatically. The phone may also appear as if it wasn't sent back if it's sent to the wrong address, but again, this can be looked into. I'm a little confused about your husband's phone. Did someone mention the specific app that was on it? It just seems a bit odd that you were told a phone was destroyed because of an app being installed.

          • 8329556186

            Hi Mike Thanks for your reply. On our label the address shows YORK PA and the number on the label is NEA55750012226650. For my husband's phone, the representative told us because the FIND MY PHONE is on, so they destroyed the phone. What makes me angry is that if they are going to destroy my phone, they should at lease let us know.



              • tmo_mike_c

                Ah okay. So it does look like it was sent to the correct address. There still should be a way for our Care or T-Force team to escalate a request for that device. Thanks for clarifying about your other device. As for that one, having "Find My iPhone" enabled wouldn't allow for that one to redeem the promo. My apologies if you weren't aware of that. The requirement is gonna be pretty much standard if you're trading in an iPhone for any promo we have. For example, the link below mentions it in the How the offer works section.


                iPhone 7 Trade-Up Offer