How to Use With Foreign SIM Card?


    My goal is to use the DIGITS app with a foreign SIM card while travelling abroad - and to set the DIGITS app to use data only (yes, I know about T-mobile free roaming, but I have a German SIM with a prepaid balance, which I might as well use for the faster speeds.)


    The problem is when I put in the German SIM, the DIGITS app initialization does not recognize the phone number on the German SIM, and then asks me to input the phone number directly.  But, the app will not accept the number of the German SIM.


    Any suggestions as to how I can use the app with the phone with the foreign SIM?

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      • azdreamscape

        Re: How to Use With Foreign SIM Card?

        So if I understand correctly, you can get faster data speeds using the German SIM, but you want to make calls using your USA phone number (via the DIGITS app)?


        Since DIGITS is only usable with USA numbers (at this time), the only solution I can think of would be to use two phones (or a phone and a tablet).

        Phone A has the German SIM, and is set up as a hotspot.

        Phone (device) B connects to WIFI from phone A and uses the DIGITS app to make calls (on data only).

          • rinsf

            Re: How to Use With Foreign SIM Card?

            Actually, I figured out the solution.


            What I didn't realize is that when T-mobile sends the authentication SMS to the phone, it is not auto-detected - instead, there is a screen where it asks for the code received by SMS.  So, if you input a number that can receive an SMS, you can enter that code into the authentication dialog, even if the SIM corresponding to that number is not in the phone running DIGITS.

          • azdreamscape

            Re: How to Use With Foreign SIM Card?

            Hmmm, pretty sneaky!

            Let us know how things go in the field trials...

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: How to Use With Foreign SIM Card?



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