T-Mobile ruined my business this morning. Can anyone help?


    I Love T-Mobile, I have gotten great service ever since I signed on.


    I love it so much that I have been telling as many of my family to switch over. I've even gotten a few of my co workers to switch.


    FInally when my auntie decides to join our family plan, I order her a phone and add her to my account as a third line in addition to the two I have already.


    When the phone arrives, it appears there is a new promotion for a free third line. Excited, I call T-Mobile to port my auntie's number over.


    The guy on the phone assures me that I am eligible for the 3rd line promotion. Even convincing me to purchase a new SIM card for an extra $25 for reasons I still dont understand.


    Fast forward to today and I'm on the toilet doing my business, so I decide to check my T-Mobile profile to see my amazing savings.


    To my surprise I am being charged $40 for the third line.


    Nearly immediately, my sphincter slammed shut, ruining the rest of my bowel movement, and I promptly call T-Mobile customer service, only to be informed that I am not eligible for the promotion. I will now be constipated for the rest of the day.


    I know you guys can do better.



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      • tmo_chris

        We are super stoked to you have spreading the good T-Mobile word and bringing your friends and family to us but I'm not sure its fair trade for constipation! This is something that we can definitely loosen figure out for you! I would typically recommend some sort of laxative for this problem but that won't address the root cause being your bill haha. For the bill issue, the promotion is actually a monthly bill credit that will offset the cost of the line. These credits start appearing near the end of the bill cycle after activation and will continue for as long as you have the line.


        I know you said that you called our customer service team already so I am hoping that they were able clear things up