Any way to go back to 6.0 Marshmallow?


    I have the S& that was forced to take update software to 7 Nougat. I can't stress enough how disappointed I am. My phone is ruined. Can I please go back or is there a way to go back?

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      • xenon2000

        Re: Any way to go back to 6.0 Marshmallow?

        I easily Downgraded from the official OTA 7.0 T-mobile update to the official T-Mobile 6.0.1 firmware without rooting and without tripping the Warranty Void flag and without tripping KNOX or anything else. And I am now back on the official T-mobile 6.0.1 firmware. Not rooted, not unlocked, etc. It does require completely wiping your phone as if you just got it from the store. But it was pretty easy and works fine. I am now just setting everything up again from scratch.



        Not sure if I am allowed to post the URLs. Here is the overview:



        1. Backup anything you want on your phone manually to a computer like photos/videos, and with the Samsung Account phone backup online.

        2. makes sure the phone is 80% or higher charge.

        3. SD and Phone contents will be 100% lost and wiped. Samsung Pay will be cleared, fingerprints cleared, etc. Will be like store new.

        4. Download the official T-mobile firmware for 6.0.1 "" , that is the file name for the T-mobile S7 (non-Edge) phone. Extract contents.

        5. Download the latest ODIN app 3.12.3

        6. If you have already used your phone on the computer, the drivers should already be in place.

        7. Run ODIN.

        8. Turn off your phone 100%, wait a few seconds to shutdown.

        9. Hold Vol Down+Home+Power buttons for a few seconds. And when the screen comes on, let go. You should now see a screen warning about firmward. Press UP to continue to the Download Mode.

        10. Now plug your phone into the PC with the USB cable. If drivers are in place, ODIN left side will say "added".

        11. Press the button for BL, AP, CP, CSC. and load each file. For CSC choose the "HOME_CSC" file instead of the just CSC.

        12. Press Start and wait. You will eventually get a greet box in ODIN. And when the phone reboots you can remove the USB cable.

        13. You will now need to go into Recovery Mode to wipe the cache. Regardless of what the phone is now doing, likely a boot loop. Press and hold VOL UP+HOME+POWER to boot into Recovery Mode. You will have a back screen with a text menu. Navigate with vol keys and select with power button. Choose WIPE/FACTORY RESET. Followed by WIPE CACHE. Then choose the reboot phone option.

        14. Phone will then have a white loading bar for a while. And should now boot to the factory new welcome screen where you pick the language and continue.



        Overall pretty easy. Other than having to start from scratch. The only thing I am trying to figure out now, is how to get Android to stop asking me to upgrade again to 7.0!

        • captcoolhand

          Re: Any way to go back to 6.0 Marshmallow?

          I'm sure all this may work... If I wasn't  phone/computer illiterate..

          • rico7

            Re: Any way to go back to 6.0 Marshmallow?

            my phone is ruined too imho. the update sucks. and to find out that i would have to do a reset and wipe the phone. lol

            • captcoolhand

              doesn't seem to be any 1 correct right answer to the issues we are left with. Seems like everything else, money trumps everything and as long as you are paying, who cares about issues. I know my days with Samsung is over and honest, if it has the name on the device, I'm not buying.

                • xenon2000

                  Re: Any way to go back to 6.0 Marshmallow?

                  captcoolhand , I only meant to have this thread be about reverting to 6.0.1 from 7.0 , there are many threads about the issue for both 6.0.1 and 7.0 . Most of my reasons for going back to 6.0.1 are design and function changes and less about actual issues and bugs specific to 7.0


                  And there is 1 correct answer to getting official 6.0.1 back on the S7. I gave a detailed answer for that.


                  I don't see any value in the S8 coming out. Which is fine, I usually skip 1 or 2 models anyway.

                  • stevetjr

                    Re: Any way to go back to 6.0 Marshmallow?

                    captcoolhand  Every manufacturer has their own issues, some the same and some different.  Sony touted the Z3 with TMO and VZW and was their grand re entry in to the US market.  What did they do?  Sales weren't what they had hoped for so while they upgraded every Z3 in the ROW to MM they abandoned the 2 US versions and left them on LP, then to add icing on the cake pulled support of them off their servers so even some of their embedded apps don't work right.


                    LG, just google boot loop issues.  If you are out over a year you are pretty much #$%^&* because unless you argue about it with them and waste hours upon hours of you time all you will get is that you are out of warranty.


                    Apple and the famous antenna issue (frankly their antenna's still su&k) but the answer was a case and tips on how to hold it.


                    Just a few examples, Google (and Nexus line) and HTC have all had their own share of issues at some point.


                    Like the theartiszan Nougat on my S7e has resolved most of the issues I had, has only created one new issue that is manageable.  Most of the new layout works and yes there are a few things I miss but you have to also understand this update was the proverbial end of TouchWiz and the launch of GraceUX which is supposed to be much leaner to improve performance.

                      • captcoolhand

                        Re: Any way to go back to 6.0 Marshmallow?

                        I'm not pointing fingers or blaming one person. Some people like it, some people would disagree. I'm just disappointed with the issue of paying such a high price for equipment that once was operational to me, no longer working or very limited to options to resolve any issues I have.

                        Like already mentioned before and across the internet. There's not real reason to update from a s7 to and s8 other just to be doing it... (And that's a high price) So in the future, I will be staying away from anything Samsung and looking to something that better fits my needs. Thanks everyone for your responses