No way to get my Securtiy deposit back




    I canceled ny subscription in December and I my last payment was in January. I never had any issue with my payments during 1 full year.


    When I called to cancel in December, the representative told me that I will have my security deposit totally refund after my last payment;

    We're in March, my last payment was at the beginning in January and I still don't have my $400 back!


    I called the customer support several times and nor I'm "disconnected" nor the representative tell me that he can't do anything and I have to call CityBank at this number 1 800 522 7458 to know what happened.

    This phone number is for the CityBank customer and you can't reach anybody without an account number....


    So finally, there is no way for me to get my money back from T-mobile without hiring a lawyer which will be the next step if I still not have my $400 at the end of March....

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