Bug in Dialer: Asks Mark as Default / Just Once every time.


    The other day my phone upgraded the OS to Nougat. Of course, that wiped out my favorites, so I went back and set my favorites up again.


    Now, everytime I select my wife from the favorites, and say to call her, it asks if I want to "Mark as Default" or "Just Once". I have selected "Mark as Default" every time, but it still continues to ask me again every time I try to call her.


    I am assuming this is a bug in the OS image, but I imagine it is related to DIGITS because I would guess the regular OS doesn't deal with multiple numbers like this.




    I hate that they did away with the Favorites tab, and just moved favorites to the top of the regular contacts list.

    I also hate that I now have to select the contact, then say I want to call them. For goodness sakes, I'm in the dialer. If I wanted to send an SMS, I would go to the texting app!

    (Yeah, I know, it's Nougat, not T-Mobile, but sometimes I just have to vent.)

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