If I have blocked a caller, and they send me a text message, will that message show up on my phone bill detail?




    My son has been instructed to block a friend of his on his cell phone because they are a bad influence. I have been tracking to be sure he does not unblock the friend and text them, then block them again when he gets home from school in case I check his phone. A text message showed up on our phone bill from this friend's number, and he insists he never got the message and that they are blocked. Is this possible that the number is blocked but it is still showing up on the phone, or is he unblocking the friend to text with them and then re-blocking on the way home? I really don't want to have to pay for blocking this number from admin, and would prefer to be able to trust him...

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      • tmo_chris

        Great questions! If he is blocking the number on his phone, the message may still show up in in the message log online as the message is still being delivered to the phone but the phone itself is not displaying the message.


        Alternatively, we have a Family Allowances feature that you can add to your account which allows the parent line on an account to block numbers from calling or texting lines on your account at the network end. Messages/calls blocked by Family allowances will never make it to the phone as they are being blocked before being delivered to the phone. Please keep in mind that this only blocks standard text messages or calls. In today's world, there is a plethora of other social apps that can be used for calling or texting using the phones data plan or Wi-Fi connection which do not show up on the bill at all other than a few MB of data usage.