Why is tmobile constantly messing up my bill?


    I got the 2 lines free added to my account back in december they said everything would stay the same and my bill would be credited the amount of the two lines each month and I made sure to ask over and over again that I would not see any unexpected charges and they reassured me that I would not.


    The next bill I got was $100 over my original bill I went in they said they would credit $40 because that wasnt supposed to be there but then informed me that for 2 months I would recieve an additional $50 on my bill because thats how the processed worked with the 2 lines added for free and that after the 2 months I would be credited back the $100 total. Of course Im pissed because I asked if anything like this would happen and they said no but there is nothing I can do so I wait the two months paying $50 extra to each bill.


    2 months go by and my feburary bill comes its still $50 over my original bill I tell my boyfriend just wait they might fix it we wait a few more days and there is a credit of $40 applied to my account so I'm still paying $10 extra I figure whatever maybe the next bill I will get a $60 credit.


    I just got my bill its still over by $55 I have to go in to tmobile again wasting my time that I could be doing other things because tmobile cant tell you the truth from the get go. Not only should my bill been at $150 which is the original bill but it should have been credited the amount they owe me. I'm really tired of tmobile thinking they can do whatever they want with my account and that they can just say what they want and I have to deal with it.


    I should also mention that I had problems with tmobile when I upgraded my phone and added another line about a year ago I had to fight with them constantly and when in the store near me I was basically told to deal with it and they wouldnt do anything. I had AT&T before tmobile and never had a problem with them I only switched because my boyfriend said he liked tmobile but after all this we are really considering going back to AT&T especially if they dont fix their mess when we go in today.


    Does anybody else have a problem every month with tmobile and their bill? If so how do you deal with it?

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      • tmo_chris

        Oh my! I am truly sorry that you have had to spend so much time trying to get your bill to be what you were promised it was supposed to be! Here on a user forum, we are unable to see your bill and what credits/charges are pending and the promo codes that are in use. I would recommend that you reach out to our social media team T-Force using the Facebook / Twitter icons in my signature. They will be able to take a closer look at your account as a whole and get to the bottom of this.