Currently I have the T-Mobile Simple Choice North America Unlimited Family Match Promo Plan. It costs $120 plus taxes and fees for 2 lines.


    Comes with

         -Unlimted Talk, Text & Data on device

         -14GB Hotspot for each line (28GB Hotspot total)


    I also got 2 free lines through the 2016 Magenta Friday promo, which brings me up to 4 lines. One is a phone line, which they matched to my current plan (Unlimted data and another 14GB Hotspot). The second is a tablet line (I did it on the Sync-Up Drive since that was free also) that got 6GB data.


    Most recently I added another line for free using the March 1, 2017 promo that just came out (Unlimted data and another 14GB Hotspot). I was nervous about this one because the details behind it were a little scewed on how many lines you already have on your existing plan, but all of the bill credit are working so im still only paying $120 plus taxes and fees a month. This brings me up to 5 lines in total.


    Also I am aware if anyone comments that T-Mobile will possibly de-prioritize my data at the new 30GB cap, even though I have 56GB of High Speed HotSpoting. Kind of silly but that how they did it.


    My primary question is this. If I switch to the current T-Mobile One Plan, 2 Lines for $100 taxes and fees included, will I be able to bring along all of my free promo lines?


    Thanks in advance to commenters

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