Would switching to T-Mobile One be in my favor?




    Currently I have the T-Mobile Simple Choice North America Unlimited Family Match Promo Plan. It costs $120 plus taxes and fees for 2 lines.


    Comes with

         -Unlimted Talk, Text & Data on device

         -14GB Hotspot for each line (28GB Hotspot total)


    I also got 2 free lines through the 2016 Magenta Friday promo, which brings me up to 4 lines. One is a phone line, which they matched to my current plan (Unlimted data and another 14GB Hotspot). The second is a tablet line (I did it on the Sync-Up Drive since that was free also) that got 6GB data.


    Most recently I added another line for free using the March 1, 2017 promo that just came out (Unlimted data and another 14GB Hotspot). I was nervous about this one because the details behind it were a little scewed on how many lines you already have on your existing plan, but all of the bill credit are working so im still only paying $120 plus taxes and fees a month. This brings me up to 5 lines in total.


    Also I am aware if anyone comments that T-Mobile will possibly de-prioritize my data at the new 30GB cap, even though I have 56GB of High Speed HotSpoting. Kind of silly but that how they did it.


    My primary question is this. If I switch to the current T-Mobile One Plan, 2 Lines for $100 taxes and fees included, will I be able to bring along all of my free promo lines?


    Thanks in advance to commenters

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      • tidbits

        I was told yes and I switched. I won't know our til the 13th if so.

        • tmo_chris

          Great questions! The T-Mobile phone tax included plan is a pretty sweet plan indeed but in your situation, I do not believe switching to T-Mobile One would be in your favor as the promo lines would no longer be free. If you wanted to keep these 3 other lines, we would have to add them to the T-Mobile One plan taking them off your current promotional plans.

          • barcodeable

            Whether switching from the Simple Choice NA Plan to the T-Mobile Plan will be in your favor is entirely up to you. Some people have mentioned they switced to the T-Moble one plan and were able to keep all of their free lines... Switching for them may be good from their perspective, but what are you looking to gain? I know that T-Mobile have been putting restraints on the Simple Choice Subscribers when it comes to upgrading or making changes to their plan as opposed to the T-Mobile One Subscribers. I am under the Simple Choice Promo Plan....  and I have the 3 free Promo lines too....  I have the Unlimited Promo Plan..... and I have the Family Stateside international Promo calling plan on all 5 of my voice lines.... If i switched im sure ill lose all of those Promo deals. But, if T-Mobile really made switching worth my while, i would switch. Taxes all included, or $10 back from using less in data or $5 off for having automatic payment isn't nowehere close to getting me interested in switching. And now that i think about it, I have always had automatic payment for several years.


            and there is a 32GB threshold before they consider throttling data. I ould recommend that if you can't clearly see a real incentive to swithching to the ONE Plan, then you should keep what you have. But if you can save more than $10 every month than it may be a great option to switch. I just feel for the person that switch plans just to pay $50 to $100 more a month for what they already have. And you have the 14GB hotspot allowance, I only have the 7GB allowance. when there was the free option to upgrade from the Simple Choice Plan to the Simple Choice North America Plan, I had to pass after I was told I would lose my $10 Family International Stateside feature for all of my 5 lines and then have to pay $15 each per line to have the International Stateside Calling capabilities which comes out to be $75 extra per month.


            T-Mobile have already limiting features and extra perks for the Simple Choice users.... It may or may not be in your best interest to switch, but the choice is always yours.