Digits, frustration, missing sent messages


    OK, signed up for Digits yesterday.  I have a Pixel C tablet and a Nexus 5x phone.  The Nexus phone number is installed in the Digits Beta. 

    When I signed up, I wanted to be able to send SMS messages from the Pixel C tablet.  I was doing this with MightyText but thought I would give T-Mobile a spin.


    I installed the Digits application on Pixel C tablet.  However, when I send a SMS message to a third party on the tablet it does not show up on my Nexus 5x message application.  On the Nexus 5x I use the Google Messages SMS application.  When I launch it no SMS messages sent from the Pixel C tablet are shown.


    So, I installed the Digits application on my Nexus 5x phone and it shows both the send and received SMS message.


    My question is:  I would prefer to use the Google Messages application as my SMS app on my Nexus 5x.  But it looks like I can't see SMS messages sent from my tablet.  Is this behavior "the way it works" or am I doing something wrong.

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