Visual Voice mail feature request


    Good afternoon I use it a lot the visual voice mail to text speech I have a visual disability that impairs certain letters, numbers spaces etc. I was hoping that T-Mobile can add a highlighting feature were as it speaks the words would be highlighted in pink and fade out as it finishes the few word just spoken similar to that of dragon naturally speaking. I don't mind paying for this features on visual voice mail speak to text another thing I wish I can share (texting) or copy in paste to either my Google calendar, Waze app, web search for research purposes only. Another thing is I hope I have controls to pause,  rewind, fast forward, stop. I've bilingual both English and Spanish language so it helps a lot for their is some folks that speak both intermixed and becomes a bit of a challenge to decipher While speaking of this if their could be that added to where visual voice mail speak to text can separate from English to speak vise versa or intelligence recognition to be able to do both if one used mix of Spanish and English language in a record voice mail.

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