I need help with philippine mobile line setup with digis


    I am new to digis. I have ios 5.2.1. Iphone from tmobile but i am currently using it with local philippine line (globe) prepaid simcars. I want to use my tmobile digis but it is goving me error. There is not a way to enter the the international number on setup to validate the phone. I will be here in the philippines until october so it would be nice to figure it out how to use it here so i dont need to keep track of two phones.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey junell!  That sounds like an exciting trip!  I'm sorry to say I reached out to our DIGITS expert team and what you're bumping into here is currently a known limitation of DIGITS and international travel.  Since you need to validate the device via SMS, and the system can only accept US numbers for validation, right now you may be stuck.  If you have a friend traveling with you who is still using a US number, you can enter their number and then input what they get from the text message.  This is something our DIGITS folks are working to resolve going forward, but we don't have a timeline just yet - I definitely hope you'll be able to use the service before your trip is over!


        - Marissa

          • junell

            Thanks for reply. Please keep me posted once that is updated. But for now, what i actually did is send the validation text through my google number and it worked just fine.

            Now. I am able to use digts on my phone. I havent really able to try it using it through the local lte but i know it is working via wifi now.


            Also, i am assuming that since i am not using tmobile line, i cant take advantage of the free data while i am in the philippines through digits.


            Side note. Touch pad dialing during call is not working. I tried to call apple and i was asked to press one to continue in english and it did not work. So i wasn't able to continue using digits. I had to pull out my extra device.



              • tmo_marissa

                It's good to know about that Google Voice solution, but a bummer to hear that touch tone dialing isn't working - thank you for the feedback.  We've had some issues reported with that previously, but it can't hurt to have additional information.  If you've got a few minutes, I'd love to send a PM your way to collect some information for a bug report!  There's a message waiting in your inbox, if you'd be so kind.  Thank you!


                - Marissa

            • tmo_marissa



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