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    Some people said that through the mobile phone number can be found personal information.Is this true?

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        A search can be done with a number reverse lookup and any info associated with that name attached to the line can be seen which is part of public record.  Just do a search of your number...whatever you see is what others can possibly see.

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          thank you~

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            I have personal knowledge of how these reverse look-ups work... i have used it to search for numbers, people, places, etc., BUT WARNING  BEWARE WARNING


            MAny of these websites, and especially apps use your information to enter your information into your database without you even realizing it. When you download that android app to do the reverse lookup.... often 9 times out of 10 you grant them access to your personal information on your phone.... so they get your name, phone number, and all the contacts in your phone is fair game because you granted them permission to do so to use their "Free" app.


            IF you do a reverse lookup.... don't do it on your phone, don't download an app.... go to a website and do it, but make sure you set your browser to private, so it becomes more difficult for the website to obtain your personal information while you are trying to search for information. People unknowingly use their phone numbers in their social apps.... many of the social apps require you to use your phone number to access their services.... but this is how they gain your information....


            i spent months searching my information online and each place i found my Facebook picture, myspace photo, twitter pic, i contacted these websites that gathered up my information from many other websites.... i wrote them an email telling them to remove my personal information....they all removed it. But one company in particular WhitePages app.... they explained to me that they get my information from me doing a searches using their apps. And they further stated if i don't want my information in their database to refrain from using their app.

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                Well, here's another fun fact friend:  Anyone who has you in their contacts and uses an app like this....same result.  Keep in mind there is a lot of information you think is personal, but it isn't.  It is public record.  Can't get rid of that.