iPhone 6 Plus Unlock DRAMA


    I've been unimpressed by T-Mobile service for years, but when I lived it Southern California, it was good enough for the price, and I dealt with it.  Since moving to rural MS, I have no service at all (for about an hour in any direction from my house), and I had to make the call to move back to Verizon.  My iPhone 6 Plus has been paid off for sometime, and I didn't want to get a new phone, so I went to Verizon, and they started me an account and gave me a new SIM card.  They told me T-Mobile would have to unlock the phone. 


    Went to T-Mobile, the people in the store refused to help me, and made me sit on their phone for 30 minutes waiting to speak with a customer service rep (as I had no cell service at this point).  The woman on the phone told me hopefully 48-72 hours later, I would get an unlock code via email, and a confirmation of my request within 24 hours.  She noted that it could be two weeks before I would be able to get service on my phone.


    24 hours later, nothing's happened.  Contact customer service 3 times via a wi-fi calling app from my iPad, as I still have no cell service.  3 times in a row, had no issues hearing me, but mysteriously disconnected after I attempt to follow up on my device unlock.  Finally get in touch with someone via Facebook who SEEMS helpful enough to get the task handled, after telling me my first request was never submitted.  They say a confirmation email should be to me within 24 hours (yeah, sure...).  24 hours passes, I contact via Facebook again, and unsurprisingly, my second request ALSO was not submitted.


    She tells me she's submitted the request (this is now attempt #3), and it should be in my inbox.  It's not.  I check my spam boxes, etc, and give it a few minutes just to be sure.  Nothing.  She then takes an alternate email address (my work email), and tells me I should have my unlock code within 2 hours. 


    HOW ARE ALL OF THESE TIMELINES ACCEPTABLE FOR THE SAME REQUEST?  24-48 hours, 48-72 hours, up to a week, up to 2 weeks, immediate, and within 2 hours HAVE ALL been my deadlines for the same thing.


    I unknowingly gave up all bargaining power by switching before unlocking, and now I have a phone stuck in limbo that no one wants to successfully help with.  By the way, I'm at 1.5 out of 2 hours before contacting again.  My phone is eligible for unlock, my only mistake here was not owing T-Mobile a dime, and not be willing to spend any more with them to maintain the lack of service I get.


    My next move will be buying a new phone from Verizon and reporting T-Mobile's extortion to the BBB.

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      • theartiszan

        Re: iPhone 6 Plus Unlock DRAMA

        Usually you do get a unlock within 48 hours if the requirements are met. You should always get an email though. If the Rep isn't submitting that is something different. When you call for a request they sould be able to provide a confirmation of the request when submitted. For iPhone you don't get a code but have to do a process with iTunes to unlock it.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: iPhone 6 Plus Unlock DRAMA

          Ouch, kirstinstone - I am so sorry we dropped the ball here.  It's bad enough that we weren't able to cover you in your new area, but failure to even file your requests is just adding insult to injury.

          theartiszan is correct about both the timeline and the unlock process for iPhones, which is a little different than with devices made by other manufacturers.  To request an iPhone be unlocked, you'd need to meet the requirements for usage, account standing, and device ownership outlined here - Unlock your mobile wireless device - and then simply submit the request with a member of our Care or T-Force teams (retail representatives aren't able to process these requests at this time, which in your situation was an added inconvenience, I'm sorry to say).  From there, the request typically takes 24 - 48 hours to be approved and sent to Apple; at which point you'd receive an email advising you to wait 24 hours from the email time stamp and then reset your device, either simply with the new SIM inserted or via iTunes if that doesn't work out. 
          Even if for some reason the request can't be completed based on eligibility, you should still receive an email explaining as much.  If we're failing to submit the requests entirely, that's awful, and I sincerely apologize.  In this user forum, we don't have access to individual accounts to review eligibility, file requests or check historical requests, but if this isn't resolved yet I would definitely encourage you to Contact Us so that we can help figure out what's happening.  I know you have already gone above and beyond the level of effort this should require, but please don't give up; I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this for you.


          - Marissa