Can I keep my old plan (Simple Choice) when I buy a new phone?


    I have an iPhone 5S, and am considering getting the iPhone SE. I'd like to keep my Simple Choice plan (2 lines, share it with another person) when I upgrade. Is this possible?

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      • miket

        Some overly aggressive TM sales people have been reported as "making" customer change plans.  IF you don't have to finance your purchase (which isn't cheap<G>), buy it straight from Apple.  One advantage - it will be unlocked.

        • barcodeable

          You can keep your current plan and add a phone to an existing line, or add a phone to a new line. But as miket

          has stated some Tmobile representatives are overly aggressive about getting customers to switch plans. I went one day to a tmobile authorised resseller to get an iphone SE last year and The rep looked into my account and tried to convince me that i was being overcharged and i would save money by switching to the new Tmobile One Plan. Luckily i know all the aspects of each line on my account, so the figures the rep began to write down on paper was wrong because he never applied any of the discount credits i get every month.... if i was a person not knoledgeable of how the cell phone companies operate, i would of switched... because the guy seemed extremely nice, and caring... but in actuality i would of lost many of the services i enjoy if i had switched.


          i would buy from the device directly from the apple company if you are worried about your plan being changed. The Apple company doesnt have access to your account to change it. Or call up to Tmobile 1-800 customer service and buy the phone through them, or go online and buy the phone yourself. But make sure you tell the sales rep "don't change my plan" and tell them more than twice... but you may get charged a $25 fee for a sim card, and/or get charged an upgrade charge when an operator put your oder in for you. Some sales are "Web Only" sales, so you may have to initiate the purchase online yourself to get a particular discount.

            • dragon1562

              What features would you have lost switching to the ONE plan?

                • barcodeable

                  i have the Family International Calling & Texting Plan that covers all of my phone lines for only $10 per month.... including the free promotional line i just picked up this month. The ONE Plan sells a similar service for $25 per line.

                  I get $10 Credit for my 2GB wifi hotspot line because i have a voice line on my account... it includes music freedom generally this plan cost $20 dollars, but i get it for $10


                  i get a $10 credit for my 6GB wifi hotspot  line because i have a voice line on my account.... generally this plan cost $35 dollars, and it includes binge on, i get it for $25


                  im not sure if these credits carry over to the ONE plan.... i think i even read somewhere on the Tmobile FAQ that Wifi Hotspots devices aren't even available on the ONE Plan.


                  I get Napster UnRadio on each of my phones (each phone has it's own napster unradio account $4.99 value). that doesn't carry over to the ONE Plan.


                  And yes i like the Fanango Rental credits using the Tmobile Tuesday app.... but the simple choice unlimited subscribers that activate their Binge On for a full 30 Days get $3.99 in Vudu credits every month for each of your unlimited phone lines that keep binge on activated. I have 5 unlimited lines now since i just scooped up the free promotional line.... so now i get $3.99 x 5 in Vudu credits every month....  that doesn't carry over to the ONE Plan either....


                  international calling and texting for all 5 phone  lines on my account only $10

                  so $4.99 x 5 in Napster UnRadio every month

                  $3.99 x 5 in Vudu credits every month

                  $10 credits for 6GB wifi hotspot

                  $10 credits for 2GB wifi hotspot


                  I have added some of these services up if i had the one plan.... it comes to over $300 dollars if i went to the ONE PLAN..... BUT by me staying on the Simple Choice Plan.... i get all of the above services and benefits for only $145 plus taxes.... my bill comes to around $170 every month after taxes and fees....  The one plan is great for many people.... i will not deny it.... but if i did not have the Family International Calling and Texting Promo... i may have switched to the One Plan.... to save on taxes and to get that kickback feature fir using less than 2GB of data....  but... im content with what I have so far....


                  THe rep at the authorized Tmobile reselle store may not have a clue of all the junk i have connected to my lines.... but i know what i have, and i won't let people swindle me out of this plan that im happy with.

              • Yes, you can upgrade and not change your plan.  You can upgrade online and keep your plan.  This may be the easiest to do if you plan on starting a new EIP.  You can upgrade and not have to convince the computer to not change your plan.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hey thealexmeyer!  Upgrading alone does not typically require a plan change - however, sometimes promotions have plan eligibility requirements, so depending on your existing plan and whether or not you want to take advantage of a promo, you may want to change your plan.  You'd honestly just have to see what's going to be the best fit for you.  How is everything going for you?  Did you complete the upgrade yet, or are you holding off at the moment?


                  - Marissa