i have an e for signal sttengh


    I'm at Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, IN.

    My signal goes from weak 4g to e simple.  Mostly e simple.


    any way make phone search for other towers???

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: i have an e for signal sttengh

        Hey kdharlow!  I'm sorry to read that you're having signal trouble - I'm not sure if you're in training or if you work at Camp Atterbury, but either way I'd guess that odds are you've got folks who aren't there with you who you want to be able to call. 
        I took a look at the Coverage Map and it looks like our signal in that area is "Fair" - we'd expect you to have service outdoors and occasionally indoors.  This could vary pretty widely depending on the type of device that you're using, though, as it seems we don't have every network band deployed in that area.  What type of phone do you have?  Are you seeing the "E" all over base, or primarily indoors or in certain areas?  Do you notice any improvement if you restart your device? 


        - Marissa