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    i joined T-Mobile last week after seeing the new One plan, which promised unlimited data, unlimited HD streaming, 10gb mobile hotspot. I got my service activated and found setup in the mobile app confusing. It says I have unlimited "4g LTE" hotspot data, not 10gb.  Even worse, unturned on tethering on my iPhone, connected to the hotspot with my tablet, and launched an Amazon Video.  Amazon video is listed as one of the Binge On partners.  I watched about 50 minutes of video and checked data use on my mobile hotspot.  It said 0.9gb of Unlimited used. Huh?  Shouldn't it have said 0 of 10gb used since the streaming video is specifically advertised by TMobole as not counting against the hotspot data?  I called TMobile support and one rep told me that I had to turn on Binge On (which isn't true, that's enabled by default and it is no longer a setting customers can view). Rep 1 said that's why the video data counted against my hotspot.

    But I used the #266# code and now I know it's on.  I called back and the second rep told me that my mobile hotspot is indeed unlimited. again Huh??  I asked why it is unlimited when it clearly said I get 10GB of high speed hotspot data.  Rep 2 said again that my hotspot is unlimited.  since rep 1 and rep 2 were telling different stories, I talked to rep 3 who said I had 10gb of high speed hotspot but video would not count against the 10gb if Binge On was enabled.


    Well, Binge On is enabled.  I did another test and steaming video via tethering did indeed use my hotspot data.  However my tmobile app also still says I have unlimited 4g LTE. 


    THis is is very confusing. which of these is true??


    1. the mobile app is wrong, I have 10gb LTE and even though the mobile app says tethered video is using data, it really isn't.

    2. the mobile app and rep 2 are right and somehow I really do have an unlimited hotspot, not a 10gb hotspot, and my billing page is wrong.

    3. rep 1 was right and somehow binge On isn't working on tethering even though it is supposed to.  Also, the tmobile app is wrong when it says I have "unlimited 4g LTE"


    does anyone have the secret decoder ring?  I get 3 answers from 3 different TMobile reps.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Binge On using hotspot data new One plan

        Hey bryanmsi,


        I truly apologize for the confusion. The base T-Mobile One plan does not have Binge On but it does have video optimization. Since the plan is unlimited 4G LTE device data, there is no high-speed allotment that streaming videos from Binge On partners would count against. The base plan also includes unlimited 3G mobile hotspot tethering.


        In your situation, it sounds like you have the One Plus add on (currently on promotion) where you can get all the same unlimited benefits of the base T-Mobile One plan but you get Unlimited HD video streaming from the device itself and 10GB of mobile hotspot tethering and the speeds drop to 3G after the 10GB is used (same as what comes with the base plan). Since there is no Binge On with T-Mobile One, data used while tethering will count against your mobile hotspot usage no matter where you stream it from but it will still be unlimited.

          • magenta1627944

            so let me get this right you say the tmobile one plus promo does not have binge on yet i have been told the same thing that it is on and i still have music freedom whats going on here i guess tmobile customer service does not know its own plans... also i did the #266# right now and it states that binge on is now active as if it was not before and to be honest one thing i noticed about this new t mobile one is that the data is just eaten up so darn quick, i used to be able to watch hours of youtube and now i cant not with out eating up a few gbs.... but anyways its hard to understand these new plans i was also told i can an internet only plan to my current t mobile on plus plan pay an extra 20$ after my 50$ discount and i was told i would have another internet plan that caps off at 32 gb im not even sure if that right but that is what i have been told and yes i would plan to use it in one of those wifi devices like the zte 915

          • massagegirl

            Re: Binge On using hotspot data new One plan

            By chance did this ever get resolved to your satisfaction?  I am having much of the same issues including the extreme data usage.  Although they do keep denying me my Binge On. I have had so many issues since I put the SIM card in my iPhone. Slowly they are working through it, but I’m a hard person to ignore.

              • dragon1562

                Binge on is not a feature in the new ONE plans. There is also no need for it since you have Unlimited Data no matter what. If you need unlimited high speed data I would suggest spending the extra $25 for T-mobile international plan since it includes unlimited LTE tethering.

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