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    I ordered a new device from T-Mobile back in November 2016 as part of my Jump on Demand program.  Just recently (Feb 2017) I was informed the return device was not received and still on my account.  Fortunately, I took a photo of the shipping label and tracking number.  I have called T-Mobile on 3 separate occasions and was told the "off-line" team is looking for the phone but no one is willing to take my photo of the shipping label and tracking number to help in the investigation.  At this point it has been over 2 weeks since the "handset research" process has been started.  Anyone know how long this process takes and do you receive notification from T-mobile when it is complete?  Unfortunately, this has blocked me for using my jump on demand benefit which I would like to use to grab an iPhone 7.  Anyone going through a similar experience?  T-Mobile, if your listening, please help.  I have info that can help with finding the phone if anyone is interested.

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        can you assist?

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          Hey nchiaro!


          I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you, but thank you for tagging me. These situations are never fun to encounter because there is likely a good amount of money riding on it. You've got the proper route by opening up a handset research ticket. Our handset research team is pretty darn busy right now which is why you're having to wait longer than normal. I don't have an exact time frame of how long it should take but you can expect it to take a couple weeks and possibly up to a month. You should receive an email once it is completed.


          My advice would be to wait it out for the completion of the research ticket. I know that the pic you have with the tracking info is super helpful. If the research ticket is unsuccessful, I recommend reaching out to T-Force via social media (their contact info can be found in my signature). The reason I recommend that team is because you're able to send them the picture of the shipping label which they can use to possibly track it down.

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            SAME EXPERIENCE! I returned my 6s in NOVEMBER.  and it was "lost"

            the label that they provided me with does NOT have a shipping number therefore I can not track it down. I feel like such an idiot for trusting tmo with the iphone label. I've jumped plenty of times with no issues so I didn't think anything of it. Everytime I call they do a handset research which comes up unsuccessful. So now I'm paying for two phones and I only have one. They are not cooperating with me basically calling me a liar every time I call or message them. I'm at my wits end