Just joined T-Mobile from being a AT&T customer previously, how to get my phone to update


    So I recently jumped ship from at&t to T-Mobile, and brought my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (G935A) with me, which I had it unlocked through official unlock code provided by at&t. Although I can get many of the functions to work on the T-Mobile network, there are two things I am not having any luck with, wifi calling and OTA updates.


    My unlocked at&t S7 edge was updated to Android 7.0 prior to coming over to T-Mobile, but I am worried about future updates. Will my phone continue to receive OTA updates from at&t or will it now receive OTA updates from T-Mobile?


    Also, I had wi-fi calling back on at&t network, but after switching to T-Mobile, now the Wi-Fi Calling function on my phone is greyed out.


    It would be nice if I can just install the G935T firmware on my G935A, or somehow through settings to get these carrier features to work.


    I hope there are others like me out there with similar issues and have found ways to make things work?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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