A rare event... I was helped by a remarkable support agent


    Since July 2016, I have had weak phone service at the rural new home.  I called to cancel the account but it didn't quite work.

    To make a long story this short... Today I spoke to Meagan to help me with the issue of billing.

    TaTa... Fixed in 15 minutes after being hung out to dry after 3 others couldn't.  Meagan is a credit to T-Mobile.  She is good at her job as a ? billing specialist ? of sorts.  T-Mobile could use supervisors as good as her.

    Cheers from the warm south.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, rickintx!  Congrats on your new home - it sounds peaceful.   I'm sorry to hear we weren't able to provide you with excellent coverage there, and that your experience cancelling service was more complicated than it ought to be. 
        That said - I so appreciate you taking a few moments out of your day to share your experience with Meagan.  It's a bummer that it took you three interactions with us to get to her, but I'm certainly glad that you did.  She sounds like a fantastic representative of the standard we want upheld in all of our interactions with customers.  I'd love to reach out to her management team and share your kind words - were you communicating with her online through T-Force, or over the phone? 


        - Marissa

          • rickintx

            I was using my phone to speak (eventually) to Meagan.  I was hung out to

            dry prior to that but I understand that not everyone can enjoy their work

            when there are frustrated people on the phone all day.

            I don't believe that I could have her demeanor with day after day of

            fielding customer issues.


            Regards and kindly ensure that you pass this recommendation to her


            ps..I would think that she, indeed, would be promoted in one of my

            companies to provide an ideal example of client interface.

            Rick Haun

              • tmo_marissa

                I will definitely do what I can to make sure this gets passed on so that she can get the recognition she deserves for turning this experience around for you!  Thank you again for taking the time to get this feedback to us and for your response - and please let me apologize for the troubling interactions you had prior.  We appreciate your input and recommendation! 


                - Marissa