Unable to Make Calls


    I've had a cellspot at my house for months with no issues. Starting 2 days ago, I have not been able to make calls at my house. I've restarted the modem, router, and cell spot.  All lights are on solid green. GPS is in the window. Nothing has changed. 

    I have full LTE signal. Dial number. Then drops to 4G, then just full signal. Then drops the call and returns back to LTE.


    I've got a Note 5 transferred from AT&T. Nothing changed in the past couple of days.


    Cannot call tmobile for support...

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        Did this start with the transferred Note 5 from ATT?  That phone does not have T-Mobile wifi calling in it.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Unable to Make Calls

          Yikes adrandel!  I can't imagine why the CellSpot suddenly conked out on you, but I can see how it would be rough for you to reach out and troubleshoot if you relied on it to get coverage in your home.  Is this still happening?  I'm wondering if there was a temporary outage in your area, or if perhaps the CellSpot is defective.  How are things going for you now?


          - Marissa