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    I just activated a new LG V20, and after I set up the phone as a new device (I did not restore from any backup), I noticed that the Amazon shopping app was preinstalled.  But when I check the App properties in settings, under the Store->App details section, it says:


    "App installed from"


    Looking further, I also noticed a couple other apps, like T-Mobile TV, Live TV (SlingTV), and T-Mobile Name ID, which also show "App installed from"  Some but not all of them can be uninstalled.


    For normal apps I install through the Play Store, the app details will say "App installed from Google Play Store."  And for some pre-installed apps on the phone, like the Weather app, it does not list any Store details.  Is '' another way for T-Mobile to automatically install apps on the phone, which were not preinstalled from the factory?

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      • theartiszan

        Re: App installed from

        That program has many different features. But if they are using it to install some of the bloat rather then actually being already installed and part of the system so it can't be uninstalled, I'm all for it.

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        • stevetjr

          Re: App installed from

          I had heard the manufacturers were looking at a feature like that.  Rather than having to load the OS with the specific carrier software preloaded thus having to run different lines or batches during the manufacturing process they would intern run the line with the "base" OS and only at packaging would they then have to be split by carrier and when the phone is activated it would load the specific carriers "bloatware".


          Bloatware was a big deal awhile back and isn't going anywhere unless you buy a Google phone which is "pure" Android although have heard that some VZW Google have had some on them.  They couldn't be deleted and in some cases were running in the background so essentially there was a compromise (that in my opinion allowed the carriers to keep the $$ paid for adding some of the programs) which was while you can't delete them you can "disable" them so the program is on there but not active.